Top 5 garden trends for 2023

Ivy climbing trellis

Top 5 Garden Trends for 2023

With each passing year, gardening trends come and go. Some are fleeting, while others stick around for decades at a time. We’re going to look at five of the most popular trends in gardening right now and how they might impact your garden design plans for the future. From vertical gardens to modern features made from natural materials (like stone or wood), these ideas are sure to make an impact on your garden for years to come!

Vertical gardening

Ivy climbing trellis

Vertical gardens are a great way to maximise space, whether you’re trying to fit a garden into an urban environment or just want to make the most of a small garden. Vertical gardens can be used indoors or outdoors, so they’re perfect for people who want to grow plants but don’t have access to any natural sunlight.

There are so many different ways to incorporate vertical elements into your garden. Trellis has long been used to grow climbing plants, however, we’re seeing increasing creativity as this trend grows. With people using horizontally slatted fencing and structures built from pallets to hang smaller plants, to complex irrigation systems being installed on walls for growing fruit and vegetables. The possibilities are endless!

Outdoor kitchens and lounges

Outdoor kitchens and lounges have become a popular addition to home gardens. These spaces can be used for cooking, dining and entertaining guests. Outdoor kitchens can be designed to fit into any space and can be customised based on the needs of your family or guests. Many people choose to erect a pergola to really turn the space into a feature. Pergolas are ideal for adorning with climbing plants, outdoor lighting and a multitude of other accessories.

Premium Pergola Dark Wood

Common features of an outdoor kitchen include a barbeque or pizza oven, countertop with seating, sink and bar area. Outdoor kitchens and lounges aren’t just great in the summer – they can also make a fun entertaining area in cooler months! With the simple addition of a fire pit or patio heater, you’ll really be able to make the most of this space for much of the year.

Modern features made of natural materials, such as stone and wood

As sustainability continues to gain momentum in so many aspects of our lives, 2023 will see an increase in sustainable, natural materials used in gardening. The use of hard landscaping and the materials involved can come with heavy carbon footprints.

“Cement – used to make concrete – contributes almost 1kg of carbon dioxide for every 1kg produced, although some is reabsorbed as concrete is exposed to the air. Bricks add 250g per 1kg, and every square metre of stone patio adds about 47.5kg of carbon dioxide, depending on the stone.”

RHS website

As well as their environmentally friendly nature, the versatility of natural materials also makes them a popular choice. Used for everything from seating and tables, to stepping stones and raised beds, you can really get creative./

Container gardens

Whether you’re working with a small or large garden, or even just a patio or balcony, container gardening offers great flexibility when it comes to growing opportunities.

Container gardens are an excellent way to add colour and texture to your garden space. They’re also very easy to maintain as they don’t require much watering or pruning unlike other types of gardens.

A whole host of plants can be grown in containers, from hardy bedding plants to bulbs, herbs, fruit and vegetables and even shrubs and trees.

Pops of colour

Adding a pop of colour to your garden can really give it some personality. After all, gardens are meant to be colourful!

With Pantone naming Viva Magenta as their colour of the year 2023, why not add a splash to your garden? There are so many places to add colour, such as:

  • Flowers and plants
  • Containers and accessories
  • Furniture
  • A feature fence

Which 2023 trend will you incorporate into your garden?

Now we’ve given you some inspiration to take into Spring, which one will you be incorporating in your garden? The trend we’re most excited about is vertical gardening as it allows you to grow more plants in less space, and adds levels to your garden as they’re visible from above ground level. This can be done with trellis, or even just poles stuck into the ground with netting attached so that they support climbing vines like cucumbers or tomatoes.

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