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Our huge range of wooden fence posts are made form high-quality timber, matching the excellent standard of our garden fencing. Whether you require a large quantity for a grand design or just a single fence post to carry out a repair, Grangewood Fencing has got you covered.

All of our fence posts are pressure-treated for longer life. This will help protect the timber from insect infestation, fungal decay and rot.

We also supply a large range of concrete fence posts.

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VIEWED of 12 products

How deep should a wooden fence post be in the ground?

The general rule of thumb is ⅓ – ½ of the height of the post (e.g. a 6ft fence post would need to be buried at least 2ft in the ground).
Anything less than this would put your fence at risk of blowing over in adverse weather conditions, deeming it unsafe.

What is the best wood for fence posts?

The diverse weather conditions that the UK throws at your garden fence means fencing materials are best made from a durable softwood, such as a good quality timber. All of our posts are cut from selected softwoods and come pressure treated, offering protection from the effects of adverse weather and also insect infestation.

Should wood fence posts be set in concrete?

Concrete is the most suitable material to set your fence posts. However, it is also possible to set your post without concrete. A popular alternative is gravel, but this should only be considered if you’re working with dense, clay-heavy soil.

Here at Grangewood, there’s something for everyone and we’re proud of our competitive prices. Whatever style or size of fencing you require, our large stocks mean that we will have something in store that’s right for you. All of our garden fencing panels come pre-treated, meaning they stay looking their best for longer.

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