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Featheredge boards let you build a durable and attractive fence, with arris rails offering extra support.

Featheredge boards used in closeboard fences are generally stronger than waneyedge or overlap fences because of their solid design.

We create our featheredge boards from carefully chosen softwoods, cutting them diagonally from 125mm x 22mm timber blanks. They are pressure-treated for durability and to guard against insect infestation, fungal decay, and rot. This treatment also enhances their appearance.

These boards are ideal for building sturdy yet appealing featheredge fencing that can withstand strong winds. They work well for repairing existing fence panels and can also be attached to the back of closeboard fence panels, allowing both neighbours to enjoy a clean finish.

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Featheredge Fencing

How much should my feather edge boards overlap?

To ensure a solid fence with no gaps, proper overlapping is crucial. For boards less than 150mm wide, aim for a 25mm overlap. For wider boards, a 35mm overlap is recommended. Keep the overlap consistent across each panel for a tidy, professional appearance.

Should you nail or screw feather edge boards?

You can use either nails or screws to secure feather edge boards. Nails are usually quicker, making them a popular choice. Our 2-inch fencing nails are the perfect length for these boards and are galvanized to resist rusting.

How can I prevent my feather edge boards from warping?

To avoid warping and cupping, ensure the boards are as dry as possible when constructing your panels. Install backrails no more than 8 inches from the top and bottom of the fence for added support. You can also apply a sealant to slow the drying process, which reduces the risk of warping.

Creating successful products from natural resources requires careful selection. We hand-pick all raw materials to meet the unique requirements of each component. Each piece comes from the best part of the log and uses only high-quality materials.

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