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Whether you are looking to build a secure, long-lasting fence entirely from gravel boards, or simply enhance your existing panels by adding a single board at the base for protection against damage or rot, concrete gravel boards from Grangewood offer the ideal solution.

Made from durable, reinforced concrete, these boards create a solid foundation for your fence, raising it from the ground and preventing direct contact with moisture. This not only increases the lifespan of your fence but also enhances its overall appearance.

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Benefits of Using Concrete Gravel Boards

Increased Fence Lifespan: Protects your fence from rot and moisture damage caused by ground contact.
Enhanced Durability: Built with strong, steel-reinforced concrete for lasting performance.
Improved Aesthetics: Available in various styles like plain or rock face to complement your fence design.
Simple Installation: Easily slots into concrete fence posts for a quick and straightforward setup.
Variety of Designs: Our range of concrete gravel boards for fencing are available in a range of aesthetically pleasing designs including a textured rock finish.

Can You Cut Concrete Gravel Boards?

Yes, concrete gravel boards can be cut to size using proper tools like a diamond saw or angle grinder. However, for a clean and precise cut, we recommend purchasing pre-cut boards in the desired size. Fortunately, the concrete fence posts and gravel boards in our range are available in a range of sizes to suit all requirements.

Can You Paint Concrete Gravel Boards?

While concrete gravel boards can be painted, it’s important to use a suitable exterior concrete paint. Always ensure the surface is clean and dry before applying paint and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper application and drying times.

How to Install Concrete Gravel Boards

Prepare the ground: Ensure the ground is level where the fence posts will be placed. If installing new posts, dig holes according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, typically around twice the width of the post and deeper than the post length.

Install concrete fence posts (if needed): Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mixing and pouring post mix to secure the concrete fence posts in the dug holes. Ensure the posts are plumb (perfectly vertical) using a spirit level and adjust as needed. Allow the concrete to cure completely according to the manufacturer’s recommended drying time.

Slot the gravel boards: Once the posts are secure and dry, slide the concrete gravel boards into the designated grooves or slots on the concrete fence posts. Ensure the boards are level and properly aligned.

Secure the gravel boards (optional): Depending on the design of your concrete fence posts and gravel boards, you may need to secure them further using fixing screws or nails (galvanised recommended for outdoor use) driven through designated holes in the posts and into the gravel boards. Use a rubber mallet to gently tap the screws or nails into place to avoid damaging the concrete.

Additional Tips:

Wear gloves and safety glasses when handling concrete and using tools.

If using existing wooden fence posts, ensure they are in good condition and compatible with concrete gravel boards. You might need additional brackets for proper installation.

Consult a professional for assistance if you are unsure about any steps of the installation process.

Here at Grangewood, there’s something for everyone and we’re proud of our competitive prices. Whatever style or size of fencing you require, our large stocks mean that we will have something in store that’s right for you. All of our garden fencing panels come pre-treated, meaning they stay looking their best for longer.

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