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We offer Decorative Fencing & Trellis panels in various sizes and styles. Our Decorative Fence Panels are crafted from selected softwoods and secured with stainless steel fixings. Except for our Hazel Hurdles, all our decorative panels are pressure-treated for durability and protection.

Decorative Fence Panels

Our Decorative Fence Panels are manufactured from selected softwoods and are secured using stainless steel fixings.

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Square & Diamond Trellis

Our Square & Diamond Trellis panels can spruce up and add contrast to any fencing project, either alone or as a topper to existing fence panels.

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This will enhance the style and help protect the timber from insect infestation, fungal decay and rot. Depending on the timber species the treatment colour may vary slightly. As the timber is exposed to weather conditions it may fade over time. Further staining is recommended to enhance the appearance of the product if this occurs.

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