Shop Fencing Clips & Brackets

Here at Grangewood, we stock a selection of Fence Panel Clips to make completing your fencing project that bit easier. One of our best selling clips is the Easy Use Panel Bracket which makes fitting a panel to a timber post so much simpler and more secure. We also stock an Arris Rail Repair Bracket which takes all the hard work out of repairing a broken arris rail. We also stock Black Nylon Cable Ties which are the quickest and most secure way of fixing a Hazel Hurdle to a timber post.

Here at Grangewood, there’s something for everyone and we’re proud of our competitive prices. Whatever style or size of fencing you require, our large stocks mean that we will have something in store that’s right for you. All of our garden fencing panels come pre-treated, meaning they stay looking their best for longer.

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