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Concrete fence posts offer a long-lasting alternative to their wooden counterparts. We supply a range of options including intermediate, corner and end posts in various lengths making the construction of almost any design of fence possible.

Do you have a timber post that has rotted away at ground level? Our concrete godfather posts are a simple way to repair a fence without the hassle of taking out the rotten post!

The advantages of using concrete fence posts

Both concrete and wooden posts come with pros and cons. Generally, concrete posts offer the following benefits over their wooden counterparts:

  • Concrete is stronger and longer lasting than wood
    The longevity of the material is the main reason people choose it over wood for their fencing projects. This can mean that although concrete is generally more expensive initially, it can work out more cost-effective over time.
    The sturdy nature of concrete also means that you can rest safe in the knowledge that your fence will be able to withstand strong winds and other adverse weather.
  • Easy maintenance
    Concrete posts do not require any treatment or maintenance to remain structurally sound, meaning they can be functional for decades.
  • Simple installation of fence panels
    Unlike wooden posts, concrete posts are slotted, allowing you to simply slot your fence panels into place. This removes the need for nails and other fixings.

How deep should a concrete fence post be in the ground?

The general rule of thumb is ⅓ – ½ of the height of the post (e.g. a 6ft fence post would need to be buried at least 2ft in the ground). You need to consider this when choosing the correct height post to accommodate your panels.

What lengths do concrete posts come in?

Grangewood Fencing supplies concrete fence posts in various lengths, ranging from 3ft – 12ft.


Here at Grangewood, there’s something for everyone and we’re proud of our competitive prices. Whatever style or size of fencing you require, our large stocks mean that we will have something in store that’s right for you. All of our garden fencing panels come pre-treated, meaning they stay looking their best for longer.

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