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Grangewood’s Garden Products range includes wooden Arbours and Arches, adding attractive focal points to gardens of any size. A garden arch can transform an unattractive area into an exciting feature, especially with climbing flowers or roses.

We also offer pressure-treated and oak sleepers, perfect for various garden projects like raised beds, steps, and retaining garden walls. These sleepers are versatile and durable, enhancing your garden’s structure and appearance.

Railway Sleepers

Our pressure treated and oak new railway sleepers are ideal for a variety of garden projects including, raised beds, steps and retaining garden walls.


Gravel & Grass Grids

Ideal for green car parks, gravel retention and soak away areas.


The use of pressure-treated new softwood sleepers and oak sleepers is now over-taking reclaimed sleepers in popularity. This is due to their availability, the wide variety of landscaping uses and their ease of handling & cutting.

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