Shop Fencing Accessories

To complete your garden fencing or landscaping project, you’ll need the right tools. At Grangewood, we stock a variety of fencing accessories and tools to make your project easier.

A strong garden fence requires quality ballast and cement to ensure it stays in place. We offer top-notch post set mix, fencing ballast, and fencing cement for solid fence post foundations.

Our fence post supports are perfect for timber fencing, decking, carports, and other DIY projects. We offer the largest selection of fence post supports with various sizes, finishes, and superior rust protection.

Logs and Coal

Bagged Logs & Coal products delivered direct to your door helping to keep your house warm through even the coldest winter.


Ballast & Cement

We supply only the best ballast, cement and rapid set postmix to give your fence posts the solid foundations they need.


As fence panels are exposed to the elements throughout the year, it’s no wonder they can eventually start to look a bit tired. For this reason, it may be necessary to take a paintbrush to your fence from time to time. Not only does treating your fence with a good quality Timber Treatment help to keep it looking good, but it can strengthen it too. Our range of Ronseal timber treatments includes everything you need to keep your fence looking evergreen.

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