About our Recessed Concrete Fence Posts

For a sturdier, long-lasting alternative to traditional wooden fence posts, our Tuffcast Recessed Concrete Fence Posts offer a whole new level of strength and security.

Our precast concrete fencing products are durable, easy to install and provide an attractive finish in combination with timber fencing panels.

The best way to fix our Precast Concrete Fencing Products

Our Rapid Set Fence Post Concrete is ideal for fixing our Recessed Concrete Fence Posts.

• Dig a hole to the correct depth and width relevant to post size.
• Fill hole approximately a third of depth with water and place post in the hole.
• Pour in Carlton FP-ECOFIX evenly around the post until no standing water is visible.
• Position and level post as required. Setting will take place in 5 to 10 minutes.
• Do not mix Carlton FP-ECOFIX with water by hand or machine.

Rapid Set Fence Post Concrete