HD Composite Decking is a low maintenance and durable alternative to timber. It combines traditional wood appearance with the latest in composite technology. Its long life, consistent colour and slip resistant properties are just a few reasons why it is becoming a direct replacement for both domestic and commercial decking applications. HD Deck is a composite made from responsibly managed 100% FSC® timber and both recycled and virgin high-density polyethene plastic. Keep reading to check out our comprehensive HD Composite Decking Fitting Guide.

HD Composite Decking Fitting Guide - Step 1

We recommend using treated 4″ x 2″ timber joists and building in a gradual gradient of at least 1 in 80 (1.25%) to help water naturally disperse down the length of the deck. The gradient should run away from adjoining buildings. IMPORTANT: Spacing between the joists should be no greater than 300mm between each joist.

HD Composite Decking Fitting Guide - Step 2

Place the first piece of HD Composite Decking on the timber frame with the decking running perpendicular to the joists. The first piece of decking may be secured with end clipsDo not screw or nail through HD Composite Decking, use 1 clip and screw on every joist.

HD Composite Decking Fitting Guide - Step 3

Take a screw, place in the hole located in the clip and screw into the wooden joist. Do not tighten at this stage. Make sure the boards do not overhang the joist at the edge by more than 40mm.

HD Composite Decking Fitting Guide - Step 4

Take the next piece of HD Composite Decking and securely push into the clips. Now nip the screw to secure the clip against the board. Do not over tighten.

HD Composite Decking Fitting Guide - Step 5

Now repeat steps 3 and 4 to cover the deck, using 1 clip and screw on every joist.

HD Composite Decking Fitting Guide - Step 6

Liberally apply a high-quality grab adhesive to the end caps to secure for extra adhesion. Wipe away any excess from the edge of the cap.

HD Composite Decking Fitting Guide - Step 7

IMPORTANT: Do not allow HD Composite Decking boards to meet at the ends, at temperatures of 15°C or above allow a 5mm gap for expansion. Joins should only occur over joists with a clip securing each end. When fitting at temperatures below 15°C please refer to www.composite-prime.com.

HD Composite Decking Fitting Guide - Step 8

If using, take the Angle Beading Strip and place on the edge of the deck. Push up to the edge of the deck. Use a drill to first make a pilot hole through the beading and deck. Screw Angle Beading Strip into the joist through the first pilot hole. Drill more pilot holes as required and affix Angle Beading Strip with a screw.

Please Note: Images and drawings in this HD Composite Decking Fitting Guide are for illustrative purposes only. HD Composite Decking may be laid in a variety of patterns, we recommend that you draw out how you would like your deck to appear, making notes of joins and joists before starting the installation. It is not recommended that HD Composite Decking be installed in temperatures below 5°C. For elevated decks greater than 1.2 meters in height we recommend using a professional installer. When cutting, always saw the board face up with a fine-toothed blade to prevent furring the face edge.

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