About our Oak Railway Sleepers

Our hardwood New Oak Railway Sleepers are ideal for a variety of landscaping projects, including retaining walls, edging, and building raised garden beds.

What are the advantages?

Raised Oak sleeper beds are more productive per square foot because plants can be spaced more closely together since you don’t need to leave spaces to walk through so never step on the garden bed. Higher density planting enables the plants growing there to shade out bare soil, making it harder for weeds to grow. Raised garden beds are at least twice as productive as a conventional garden.

What’s Best For Fixing New Railway Sleepers?

The Timberlok Heavy Duty Woodscrew’s sharp point and aggressive thread is designed to penetrate even the densest woods without the need for pre-drilling. Their unique tapered heads countersink easily into wood for a flush appearance. These screws meet national recognised and testing and code approvals.

Timberlok Woodscrews