Reclaimed sleepers are ideal where a project requires a more rustic look. A reclaimed sleeper is likely to have been used for many years on a railway track and as it has been treated with creosote it will still have a very long service life when used in ground contact. Our reclaimed sleepers are sourced from trusted suppliers who only deliver Grade A quality which means that they are essentially sound and square edged. Please remember that as these sleepers are reclaimed there can be quite a large tolerance on the dimensions.

Please note that reclaimed railway sleepers have been used previously for many decades and therefore may contain fragments of metal and the possibility of markings on the surface of the sleeper.

Important Safety Information when using Reclaimed Sleepers

As per the EU Directive 2001/90/EC, Creosote treated timber must not be used where there is a risk of frequent (i.e. often occurring, habitual or constant) skin contact. It should not be used inside buildings, to make any kind of toys, furniture or containers used for growing foodstuffs to be intended for human or animal consumption. Always use gloves when handling creosoted products.