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Feather edge boards enable you to build an attractive and durable fence, with arris rails providing support and protection. Closeboard fences built from feather edge fence boards are typically stronger than waney edge or overlap fences due to their construction and timber solidity.

Picked from selected softwoods, our feather edge boards are cut diagonally from a 125mm x 22mm timber blank and are pressure treated for longer life. This will enhance the style and help protect the timber from insect infestation, fungal decay and rot.

Our boards are ideal for creating a sturdy, yet attractive feather edge fencing boundary that will stand up to heavy winds. They are perfect for repairing existing fence panels, and can even be affixed to the back of closeboard fence panels so that both neighbours can enjoy the same perfect finish.

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Feather Edge Fencing

How much should my feather edge boards overlap?

The overlapping of feather edge boards is important if you want to ensure a solid fence with no gaps. For boards less than 150mm wide, an overlap of 25mm is ideal. For boards wider than this, a 35mm overlap is recommended. Overlapping should be kept consistent throughout each panel to achieve a tidy, professional finish.

Should you nail or screw feather edge boards?

You can use nails or screws to fix feather edge boards together. Nails tend to be the preferred option as they are quicker. Our 2 inch fencing nails are the ideal length for these boards and are galvanised to prevent rusting.

How do I stop my feather edge boards from warping?

It is advisable for your boards to be as dry as possible when constructing your panels to avoid warping and cupping. Backrails must also be installed no more than 8” from the top and bottom of the fence. A sealant can be used as a further measure to help slow the drying process, lessening the chances of warping.

When using natural resources careful selection is the fundamental ingredient in creating successful products. All raw material is hand-selected to suit the individual, intended components. It is vital each component is produced from the appropriate section of the log and are made from the highest quality raw material.

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