Garden Trends for Spring 2024


Finally we are approaching the time of year where we see less cold and rain and more bright sunny days (fingers crossed). With spring now just around the corner, we can all look forward to spending more time outside in our beloved gardens.

Although, after months of being subjected to the harsh winter conditions many of our gardens aren’t looking as pristine as we might like. So, with this in mind, here are some of the top 2024 garden trends that you can incorporate into your spring garden tidy up and have it ready to burst into life this spring.

Embracing the Wild Side

Typically, there is an idea that wild plants and flowers aren’t visually appealing in our gardens, with rigid geometric designs being preferred in the gardening world.

However, natural, realistic garden aesthetics are becoming increasingly popular in 2024! Think carpets of wildflowers bursting with colour, meandering pathways that weave through your space like woodland trails and uneven borders that mimic the natural world’s organic flow.

By incorporating native flowers and habitats for pollinators, you can foster biodiversity while adding a vibrant touch to your garden that looks stunning.
With Grangewood Fencing’s beautiful hazel hurdles, you can add a sustainably sourced, natural border to your wild themed garden that provides a seamless rustic appeal and blends with your untamed aesthetic.

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wild flowers

Open Air Sitting Rooms

As we embrace the longer days and warmer weather, the outdoors becomes an extension of our living space and while outdoor sitting areas aren’t exactly a new trend, for 2024 the emphasis is on a crafting comfort that blends seamlessly with the nature of your garden.

This means utilising more wooden garden furniture as opposed to metal or plastic seating and glass tables, in-fact, many garden enthusiasts are building their own wooden garden furniture! Utilising railway sleepers or other timber, you can create elegant seating, tables, planter boxes and garden steps that maintain the rustic natural appearance of your garden.

Plus, with the addition of DIY wooden garden furniture, you have the added benefit of knowing that your garden furniture is entirely unique, environmentally friendly and robust.

For an extra touch of comfort, add neutral coloured throws, cushions and weatherproof rugs.

For more inspiration on using railway sleepers for your garden furniture, click below!

Five Uses for Railway Sleepers in your Garden

Wooden Garden Furniture

A Feast for the Senses and the Stomach

Again, the theme of nature and sustainability takes centre stage.

As people become increasingly conscious of the origins of their food and seek sustainable practices, the trend of edible gardens continues to flourish in 2024.

However, this year, it’s not just about growing your own vegetables and herbs; it’s about venturing beyond the basics and embarking on a culinary adventure with your garden.

Edible gardens in 2024 are all about exploration and experimentation. Instead of limiting yourself to traditional staples, try incorporating –

Unique Vegetables: Grow heirloom varieties of tomatoes and peppers, with exciting colours and flavours. Experiment with lesser-known vegetables like kohlrabi, romanesco broccoli or okra, adding variety and visual interest to your garden and your plate.

Edible Flowers: Don’t just admire their beauty; incorporate edible flowers like pansies, nasturtiums or violas into salads, desserts or even cocktails, adding a touch of elegance and a burst of flavour.

Herb Delights: Explore the vast world of culinary herbs beyond the usual suspects. Try growing lemon balm, lemongrass or Thai basil, adding unique aromas and flavours to your dishes and your garden.

Growing your own food allows you to control the quality and origin of what you eat, minimising your reliance on commercially produced food and its potential environmental impact.

2024 – The Year of Sustainability

As we can see, sustainability and embracing nature will be the core theme of all the best spring gardens with 2024 being the year that the natural garden space trend really takes hold.

These trends indicate a shift towards gardens that are not only comfortable and aesthetically appealing, but also environmentally conscious as people want to foster natural environments and promote sustainable practices.

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