Decorative Fencing Ideas for Small Gardens

Decorative Fence Panels

Decorative Fencing Ideas for Small Gardens

With a small garden, there is often a fine line to tread when it comes to finding the ideal fencing, meaning that many homeowners are missing out on the joy that their own personal outdoor space can provide.

Some fencing products have the potential to dominate a smaller space, making it seem too confined, while the opposite end of the scale is that fencing that is too short may not offer the desired level of privacy. 

Well, fear not, small garden owners. We have put together some brilliant fencing ideas for small gardens to help you realise the untapped potential of your outdoor space.

Maximise Space, Maintain Privacy, Enhance Style

Need to find the perfect mix of privacy, openness and light? Look no further than lattice style fence panels.

The interwoven design of these panels allows sunlight to filter through, meaning that your garden space can feel light, airy and open without completely compromising on privacy.

The subtle lattice detailing on decorative fence panels elevates the aesthetics of your garden, adding a minimalist appeal. These panels can be accentuated further by incorporating climbing plants.

This added burst of colour provides a focal point for your space and allows you to create a natural feel to your small garden.

Decorative fence panels from Grangewood come in a wide range of style options, making them suitable for all manner of garden spaces, including fencing for small front gardens.

Horizontal Slatted Fence Panels

Dual Purpose Design

Similar to the expansiveness offered by lattice fencing, vertical gardening on trellis panels is a great way to maximise space in smaller gardens and add a touch of greenery.

While a trellis is more open-framed than a typical lattice fence, by adorning it with a range of fast-growing plants such as ivy, jasmine, or clematis, privacy is still maintained as the plants grow over the openings in the panel.

Vertical gardening not only creates a stunning visual display but also helps to make the most of limited garden space, adding depth and interest to the fence while bringing nature into your living area.

Our Square & Diamond Trellis panels are versatile enough to add a degree of privacy to your garden, without completely obstructing your view. With bow, dome, omega and flat top options, we have something that will perfectly finish your garden project.

Modern, Yet Inviting

For a modern, contemporary look, consider the use of horizontal fencing for small gardens.

These fence panels offer a similar level of light to a lattice design, with an added sense of sophistication.

In a small garden space it can be beneficial to opt for a lighter coloured timber to help reflect light and make the garden feel more spacious. However, for the ultimate in modern contemporary design, we offer Specialised Slatted Fence Panels that are available in a dramatic anthracite grey colour to provide a twist on traditional garden fencing.

Also available in a natural timber finish, our slatted fence panels provide a perfect boundary to garden areas both big and small, offering an ideal balance of privacy and light penetration.

Hazel Hurdle

Au Naturel

As mentioned in our Garden Trends for Spring 2024 article, natural garden spaces are skyrocketing in popularity as people seek to bring the great outdoors closer to home.

Most importantly, this trend isn’t limited to those with larger outdoor space, small garden owners can also benefit from utilising a naturalist approach to garden design.

For those truly embracing nature in their gardens, our range of Hazel Hurdles are the perfect fencing solution.

Hazel hurdles are a beautiful and sustainable fencing option for small garden areas, offering a charming rustic aesthetic and natural appeal, while maintaining a level of privacy.

Realise the Potential of Your Garden

At Grangewood we aim to help you to create your ideal garden.

Whether it is for gathering with friends and family, relaxing or tending to your beloved plants, our range of high quality garden and fencing solutions ensures that owners of both large and smaller garden areas can get the most from their outdoor space.  

Explore our wide selection of products below, or speak to our team for more information.


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