Choosing The Right Fencing For You

Choosing The Right Fencing

Sometimes choosing the right fencing can be overwhelming and after searching for hours they can all start to look the same. There’s no need to stress however, as we are here to help. Whether you’re fencing on a budget or planning a grand design, our guide will point you in the right direction.

Fencing on a Budget

There’s one product that’s a holy grail for getting a lovely new fence on a budget and it’s the waneyedge fence panel. These panels are simple but sturdy as they are treated with a preservative and anti-fungicide. This will help protect your fence from insect infestation, fungal decay and rot. This means you’re getting a fence that will last you for years to come! The panels come in multiple colours, so whatever your style you can find something to suit you. With prices currently starting from £22.50, these panels are excellent value for money.

Fencing for Security

If security is your main concern then we have what you need. The type of fence panel you choose is a big factor. Our professional closeboard panel is our strongest panel. It is made with higher specification battens and capping and contains an extra featheredge board. For added security, why not add our security fence guards on top. These spiked fence toppers come in a two colours to help them blend in with your environment. Their shape makes the fence harder to climb over, hopefully discouraging potential intruders.

Fencing on a Grand Scale

If you want something a little bit more than just a standard fence panel, why not have a look at our decorative fencing range. This contains a selection of top quality continental panels. These panels are manufactured from profiled selected softwood boards encased in a morticed framework and are secured using stainless steel fixings. Also, due to their construction, the panels look the same from both sides, making them the ideal boundary between neighbours.

Choosing Natural Fencing

Sometimes traditional fence panels can look imposing, especially in smaller gardens. If your garden already has the natural look, traditional fencing may look out of place, but fear not – we have a product for you! Hazel hurdles are excellent for creating a sturdy border whilst also bringing more natural features into your outside space. All the wood used to create this beautiful woven effect is sustainably sourced too, so you’re doing your bit for the environment.

We have a wide range of fencing products for you to choose from in store and online. Hopefully this will make choosing the right fencing an easy task. Our friendly staff are always on hand to help you find what you are looking for. No matter what your request, we’re always happy to help.

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