Our homes are one of our most prized possessions, and they are certainly one of our most costly expenses. It’s understandable why we want to protect them, and your property’s borders are they key to that. Easy access points, holes and short fences makes the job easier for unwanted visitors, which is why it’s important that you choose the right fencing. There are plenty of ways you can achieve secure fencing, and there’s a whole range of accessories to make this a lot easier.


Use Security Fence Guards for Secure Fencing

Security fence guards are a great addition to the common garden fence. Not only do they add extra security to your home, but they’re also quite stylish too! Made from plastic, simply slide them on top of your fence panels. Their spikey appearance makes trespassing on to your property look much more intimidating to potential intruders, and your fence is much harder to climb too. They come in a range of colours including black, brown and green so they suit every garden. Besides the security element, security fence guards are also great for adding extra decoration to your fence panels. Find your current ones a bit boring? Simple adding this accessory not only makes your fence less dull but can also make it look more expensive! Pair that with the added security and it’s a win win.


Use Trellis

Using trellis is another great way to protect your property. As well as being able to extend the height of your current fence, making it harder to climb, trellis can be great for growing plants up too. How is this relevant to security? Thorny plants growing up your trellis are certainly going to be off putting to anyone tempted to try and scale your fence. Nobody is going to make a quick, smooth getaway over a fence laced with thorns. These plants, although they seem vicious, can also be very beautiful – who knew a rose and some trellis could deter thieves!?




Keep Fences High At The Rear and Short At The Front

As per Staffordshire Police’s official advice, all fencing around your back garden should be 1.8m high or over. Having higher fences is a great deterrent. Essentially, like the other methods mentioned, it makes it harder for criminals to climb your fence. High fences paired with trellis, spikey plants and security guards are a recipe for success, so why shouldn’t this be done in the front garden as well? Well, you don’t want to give the criminal anywhere to hide. Most people’s front garden is more exposed than their rear garden. It may be on a busy street in the plain view of neighbours and passers-by. This itself is a hinderance to burglars, and so will make them less likely to target your house. If you have high fences in your front garden, however, you’re providing a hiding spot for thieves. Keep them short in the front garden as an extra deterrent!


There’s three top tips for using fencing to secure your property! With our sturdy fence panels you can have peace of mind that your garden is secure and safe, especially if you take the extra precautions mentioned. All products mentioned can be found on our website, or you can message us on social media for more help!

About our Landscaping Fabric

Here at Grangewood Fencing Supplies Ltd we are delighted to announce the launch of our very own landscaping fabric! Landscaping fabric can be an essential part for so many garden projects and we’ve decided to release our very own. Durable, tear-proof and heavy duty – our membrane is made from top quality materials to ensure your project will last the tests of time. Take a look below at the benefits of using our landscaping fabric in your garden.

Using our Landscaping Fabric for Weed Control

Landscaping fabric is an excellent form of weed control. The fabric allows moisture to pass through it and helps to increase soil temperatures slightly. This promotes healthy plant and crop growth whilst blocking the light that weeds need to grow. Our landscaping fabric is simple to cut to size and can easily fit around existing plants. This makes it a first choice for plant beds and borders. It’s a small investment that can save you hours plucking out those pesky weeds!

Grangewood Landscaping Fabric

Perfect for Soft and Hard Landscaping

Our fabric is extremely versatile. It can be used in soft landscaping, like in flower beds, or in hard landscaping, such as under decking. It comes in a variety of sizes too, so you can get the size that you need for whatever project you’re working on. We have a range of size options from 10m2 to 100m2 helping you to minimize waste. This way you’re saving the environment and money at the same time.

Environmentally Friendly

Landscaping fabric is an environmentally friendly alternative to using chemicals for weed control. Chemical weed control often comes in spray form, which means it’s very easy to accidentally contaminate plants you don’t wish to spray. This can lead to them being damaged, or even dying. Weed killer can also impact local water sources and cause health issues for local wildlife. There’s even studies on how it can negatively affect human health. Using landscaping fabric as an alternative removes this risk completely. It will release no chemicals into the soil making it safe for the environment and an eco-friendly choice.

Grangewood Landscaping Fabric

Heavy Duty and Tear Resistant

Our membrane is heavy duty. It can withstand harsh conditions and wear & tear, so you won’t need to worry about having to replace it any time soon. It’s made to last and is tear resistant. Unless you cut it, it’s going to stay in place. You don’t need to worry about it ripping and can be assured that our landscaping fabric is a top quality woven fabric.

Reusable Weed Control

Landscaping fabric is reusable! If you decide to have a garden shuffle around next Spring, you can easily take up the fabric and use it elsewhere. Simply remove whatever you’ve laid on top of it and you’re done. Other than a bit of dirt it’ll be as good as new!

Grangewood Landscaping Fabric

How do you use our Landscaping Fabric?

Laying down our fabric is an easy task but it’s important to get a few things right. Our top tips are:

PREP – Make sure you’re starting with a flat, even surface as having bumps or sharp rocks underneath the fabric can cause damage to it.

JOIN – When placing two sheets of landscaping fabric down, make sure their edges overlap as this prevents weeds from poking up through the seams. It’s good to secure all the edges into place too, either with pegs or rocks.

COVER – Although it can work fine by itself, it’s often handy to cover it with some kind of rock or gravel. Plus, this makes it look nicer too.

It’s as simple as that! Whether you’re an avid gardener or a total novice, it’s a task that most people will be able to accomplish in a short amount of time. In just an afternoon you can lay down Grangewood Fencing Supplies’ landscaping fabric and have a garden that looks neat & tidy for years to come.

Autumn Garden Projects

As the days get colder and the nights draw in, the time comes to savour those days where we actually get a bit of sunshine. These days present the perfect opportunity to get your Autumn garden projects underway. To give you a little inspiration, we’ve come up with our top 5 products to help you spruce up your garden this November.


To begin with we have decking! Our timber decking boards make for both an attractive and practical outdoor surface which will last for years to come. Our pressure treated decking boards are more resistant to rotting and warping, so other than the occasional Ronseal coating to maintain your colour of choice, your deck will need very little TLC.

If you’re looking for an alternative to your traditional timber decking, we also stock HD composite decking. This is a low maintenance and durable alternative to timber. Although it looks like wood, it uses the latest in composite technology to create a long-lasting decking. This decking maintains consistent colour and has slip resistant properties. It’s perfect for you Autumn garden projects and we even have our own handy guide on how to install it, making your life that little bit easier.



Hazel Hurdles

Another great product we have right now are our hazel hurdles and we can’t talk about them enough! They’re currently on offer too, which makes them an even more attractive pick for this month’s top 5. If you’re not a fan of the traditional decorative fencing look, hazel hurdles are a high-quality rustic style fence for those who prefer something a little more natural looking with the same amount of style and luxury. Due to their construction, the panels look the same from both sides. This makes them excellent for boundary fencing between neighbours. Lots of people use our shorter hazel hurdles (heights range from 0.9m to 1.8m) as borders within their own gardens. This can be seen in the photo below, and it looks great!

Our hazel hurdles also hold the FSC logo which identifies products which contains wood from well-managed forests. This way you know you’re getting an ethical product, as well as a beautiful fence.

Hazel Fencing

Featheredge Board

Featheredge boards are one of our favourite fencing products! These boards are 125mm x 22m and are ideal for creating a sturdy boundary fence that will stand up to heavy winds, whilst still looking attractive. The boards are extremely durable. Often we see bad weather at this time of year, so they’re great for repairing existing fence panels that may have been damaged. They can even be affixed to closeboard panels so that both neighbours can have the same perfect finish – there’s no need for neighbourhood wars over fencing anymore! All of our featheredge boards are pressure-treated with TANATONE. This provides long term protection against fungal and insect attack. What’s not to love!?

Brown Featheredge Boards

4×4 Brown Timber Posts

Arguably a staple regardless of the time of year, our pressure treated 4×4 brown timber posts are ideal for supporting most types of timber fence panels. Having pressure-treated posts not only enhances the look of the posts but protects the timber from insect infestation, fungal decay and rot too. The posts come in a variety of heights to suit any project. They’re perfect – what else can we say!? They’re simply a staple!

4" Brown Timber Fence Posts

Rapid Set Fence Post Concrete

Last but not least, we have our rapid set fence post concrete. Some may not consider this the most exciting product, and whilst it isn’t our most beautiful it definitely is one of the most useful! Our rapid set fence post concrete is a mixture of dried sands, cement and other additives. It also sets in only 5 to 10 minutes! It’s quick and easy to use – perfect for Autumn garden projects when daylight is fleeting. Only one bag per post is required and no mixing is needed. All you need to do is add water. The concrete is in polythene packaging so it’s suitable for outdoor storage. Even if the weather takes a turn (like it often does this month), the plastic bags are showerproof so there’s no need to worry. Simply put – the rapid set concrete is a product that makes your project easy and simpler!

Rapid Set Concrete

So that wraps up our top 5 products for this month! We have plenty to show off so be sure to check back next month for December’s top products.

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