3 Things To Consider When Buying Garden Furniture

3 Things To Consider When Buying Garden Furniture

If there’s one thing we can look forward to when the weather gets warmer, it’s finally making use of the garden. For months on end we sit at the window, longing for long evenings and cool beverages to enjoy with our family and friends, pining for a time where we don’t have to think about whether it’s cold enough for a coat or whether the heating needs to be on full blast at all times. But when that time comes, are you prepared? How many times have you rushed into purchasing garden furniture that only ends up breaking after one summer? The answer is probably quite a few. Instead, why not take a step back and contemplate a few features that will ensure your investment is a long-term one, not just a quick fix to make the most of the two-week heatwave that will end up rolling round in early September? Below, we go through our top three things to consider before buying garden furniture this summer.

Consideration 1 – What is the proposed function of the Garden Furniture?

The first one is arguably the most important factor to consider but, in theory, it should be the easiest to address. Take a look at the outdoor space that you are working with, and picture how you really want it to be utilised. There are plenty of options to consider – whether you intend to make it suitable for al fresco dining, whether you want a wider space for larger entertainment functions, whether you want to simply use it for relaxation purposes – so it’s important you weigh them all out against each other before diving in with a purchase.

In reality, it’s likely that you’ll find yourself somewhere in the middle of entertaining and relaxing; on the one hand, you want to have it as an option when BBQ season is in full swing, but you also want to preserve it as your own personal sanctuary, suitable for reading, snoozing or chatting comfortably. Compile a mental note of all the things you envisage doing in the garden, and then go from there. From picnic tables to 3- seater benches, we’ve got it all here at Grangewood Fencing.

Garden Furniture - Garden Bench

Consideration 2 – Is the Garden Furniture easy to maintain and store?

If one thing is certain on these fair shores, it’s that sooner or later we will be greeted by with chilly Autumnal rain and the period of usage for the garden furniture will begin to dwindle dramatically. If you plan on keeping your furniture uncovered, ask yourself this – will it withstand the winter months? If the answer is a less-than-convincing “probably…”, you’ll need to consider suitable storage spaces, which can often come at a premium in densely populated areas or busy households.

You need to be sure that the furniture you are investing in is durable, whatever the weather. This also includes how easy it is to keep clean – the last thing you want is for your investment to turn into an eyesore within two years of purchase. Scandinavian Redwood timber, the material that makes up a large proportion of our garden furniture range, is perfect for withstanding tough conditions without losing any of its initial allure.

Garden Furniture - Picnic Table

Consideration 3 – Is the Garden Furniture a suitable size and shape for my garden?

Again, this may appear a slightly obvious thing to consider but you’d be surprised with the amount of people we have spoken to over the years that have misjudged their available space and been forced to swap their piece of furniture for a more suitable model. Think about it – you wouldn’t buy a dining table that would leave no room for manoeuvre in the dining room, so apply the same logic to your garden. Take into account the proposed function of the furniture and then put it into context with the space you have at your disposal, as this will give you a perfect idea of which pieces of the range would work and which wouldn’t.

The whole point of garden furniture is to make best use of the space you have been afforded, not restrict it. Take your time when making the final purchase and you’ll be left to enjoy your own home-based haven for years to come. If there are any other questions of queries you may have regarding our garden furniture range, or indeed anything else we have on offer here at Grangewood Fencing, feel free to get in touch and we’ll do our best to provide some help and insight into the products you may be after.

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