3 Simple Tips for Drying Logs, Fast

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As the weather becomes increasingly cold and damp, for most of us this means firing up our in-house log burner or outdoor chiminea / fire pit.

When autumn and winter draw in, nothing beats gathering around a traditional fire with family and friends. Not only is it a cost effective way to keep warm, it also creates a cosy relaxing atmosphere.

However, most people often run into the same problem. We want to light our fire pit or log burner only to discover that logs that we have been keeping are now too damp to light.

We have put together 3 simple methods for drying your logs quickly, meaning you’ll have that fire lit in no time.

Protective Storage

As obvious as it may seem, the best method for drying and maintaining ready to use logs is to shelter them.

Ideal storage for your logs should allow for the sun and wind to get to the wood, helping to evaporate any moisture whilst at the same time protect against rain and dampness.

This is where a log store is ideal, Equipped with a sloped waterproof roof, log stores from Grangewood not only protect your firewood from above but also from below due to the off ground placement of the base, this prevents surface moisture from seeping into your log supply. 

Our range of log stores come in various shapes, sizes and colours and are made with FSC approved wood that is environmentally sustainable and weatherproof.

Logs and firewood can then be safely stored, keeping your garden space tidy and meaning that you have seasoned firewood on hand that is ready to use at a moment’s notice.

Air Drying

Often the most common way of drying firewood is the natural air drying process.

Typically the logs are split into smaller pieces and stacked, allowing air to circulate around each piece, using the sun and the wind to help evaporate most of the moisture from the wood.

The main issue with traditional air drying is that it can take months, especially for softwoods which have a much higher moisture content. This process can be sped up for pre-seasoned wood with the use of a dehumidifier although this requires storing the logs in a room or shed.  

When choosing your firewood, it is first recommended to use a hardwood such as oak or hickory, not only does this wood dry faster when exposed to moisture, it also burns for longer.

Garden Fire Pit

Kiln Drying

Traditionally designed for baking clay and pottery, a kiln can also rapidly accelerate the log drying process.

By placing the wood into a temperature controlled kiln, you can regulate humidity and air flow, resulting in wood that is consistently dry throughout the entire batch.

A kiln can also help to preserve the colour and quality of your logs by reducing warping, cracking and insect infestation.

Most modern kilns are also designed to be energy efficient with minimal energy consumption and environmental impact.

Providing both consistency and speed, the use of a kiln is ideal for ensuring that dried firewood is always available, however, it is worth noting that a high quality kiln suitable for residential use will require a significant investment.

Alternatively, if you require immediate access to firewood or simply don’t have the space for a kiln, we stock high quality kiln dried logs that are ready to use.

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