We are really proud to announce the launch of the latest addition to our Garden Fence Panel range, the Professional Closeboard Fence Panels. This top of the range fence panel benefits from several features that make it, in our opinion, one of the best closeboard fence panels on the market.

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Features of the Professional Closebaord Panel

Built with 19 Featheredge Boards

Firstly our professional closeboard panel is constructed using nineteen 125mm wide featheredge boards (where the industry standard is eighteen). This means that each board is overlapped by on average 28mm. This greater overlap reduces the likely-hood of gaps opening up in your panel.

Extra Thick Rails

The horizontal framing is has been increased to 75mm x 32mm, This will substantially increase the panels resistance to storm damage, making it an ideal choice for exposed areas, or places that are subject to regular wind damage.

Chunky Capping Rail

Our super chunky 45mm x 26mm apex capping rail will help to encourage water run-off and in turn reduce the chance of rot forming on the top of the panel. The capping will also increase the overall strength of the panel.

Double Nailed for Strength

Finally each featheredge board is double nailed onto every rail using 38mm zinc plated coil nails making the boards harder to remove, and in turn increasing the security provided by the panel.