New Woodford Garden Furniture Range

Just in time for Spring we are pleased to announce the latest addition to our catalogue, the Woodford Garden Furniture Range, a selection of contemporary pieces made from from kiln dried joinery grade Scandinavian redwood which has been pressure treated to ensure maximum lifespan. The range includes picnic tables, benches, patio tables and chairs to help you create an outdoor seating area where the whole family can make the most of long summer evenings and barbecue and alfresco eating.

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Why It’s So Important To Treat Your Fence

Summer provides the perfect opportunity to get out there and tend to your garden, and one of the chores on your list may involve treating your fence panels. Just like anything else, your fence needs the proper care and attention to help it last for years to come; by taking the time to do it now you could be saving yourself money in the future. Here are some reasons why it’s so important to treat your fence properly.

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3 Things To Consider When Buying Garden Furniture

If there’s one thing we can look forward to when the weather gets warmer, it’s finally making use of the garden. For months on end we sit at the window, longing for long evenings and cool beverages to enjoy with our family and friends, pining for a time where we don’t have to think about whether it’s cold enough for a coat or whether the heating needs to be on full blast at all times. But when that time comes, are you prepared? How many times have you rushed into purchasing garden furniture that only ends up breaking after one summer? The answer is probably quite a few. Instead, why not take a step back and contemplate a few features that will ensure your investment is a long-term one, not just a quick fix to make the most of the two-week heatwave that will end up rolling round in early September? Below, we go through our top three things to consider before buying garden furniture this summer.

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Constructing Garden Decking – Part 1

It is best to plan your Garden Decking on paper first. The joists and decking boards come in  2.4m, 3.6m and 4.8m lengths, so think about how you can best use these sizes without creating excessive waste or unsightly joints.

Make sure that your deck is not going to obscure access to drain/manhole covers. If your project requires you to concrete in support posts, you should check for underground pipes and cables. Very large decks and raised decks may require planning permission.

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The Benefits Of New Railway Sleeper Beds

A New Railway Sleeper bed will be extremely strong and long lasting, with an attractive natural look. Our pressure treated new sleepers come in two sizes, 2.4m x 250mm × 125mm and 2.4m x 200mm x 100mm. Oak new sleepers come in a variety of sizes with 2.4m x 200mm x 100mm being the most common.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing A New Railway Sleeper?

1. They are easy to source
2. They are easy to handle, cut and fix
3. They are attractive
4. They are long lasting
5. You can use the extra width to create seating or leaning places.
6. You can lay the sleepers horizontally, or cut them in length and fit them in the same way as timber posts.

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